London is one of the great cities of the world, I can show you so much more than a guidebook. We are also privileged to be able to guide in many of London attractions.

Walking Tour of Soho or Covent Garden

2/3 hours
Walking Tour of Soho or Covent Garden with a visit to the National Gallery or Portrait Gallery.
China Town, Gay Village, immigrant communities, Carl Marx and Loggie Baird, Club Land, the former Marquee Club, Ronnie Scotts. 2/3 hours.

Walking Tour of Legal London

2/3 hours
Walking Tour of Legal London.
Inner and Middle Temple, Temple Church, Inns of Court with a visit inside when open, Lincoln's Inn and the beautiful Chapel when open, legal outfitters Ede and Ravenscroft, oldest Tea Shop in London and the prettiest bank in Fleet Street. 2/3 hours

Walking Tour of Southwark

2/3 hours
Walking Tour of Southwark,
St Paul's, Millenium Bridge, Tate Modern, visit the Great Engine Hall, Shakespeare's Globe and the original site, Christopher Marlowe's Rose, Crossbones Cemetery, the place where ladies of the night were buried, Dickens area by the Marshalsea Prison, George Inn and St George the Martyr, Chaucer's Tabard, Southwark Cathedral and the amazing Borough Market. 2/3 hours.

Walking Tour of the City of London

2 hours

Witness the spectacle of the guard change at Horseguards Parade, we then walk down the Mall past Clarence House London home of Prince Charles and Camilla, Lancaster House used in the film The King's Speech, to see the foot soldiers in their Bearskin Hats and hobnail boots march into the grounds of Buckingham Palace for the handing over of the keys. I will be able to take you to the best vantage points to see as much as possible at these very busy times.

Reformation in England

2 hours
Reformation in England,
A visit to the beautiful Westminster Abbey ent fee to hear the history of England and the reformation, coronations and burials followed by a short walk to the stunning Westminster Cathedral ent fee to hear about the story of the early church, reformation, the penal days, Tyburn Matyrs and St John Southwark, Catholic emancipation and the story of the unfinished Cathedral.
2 hours.

National Gallery and British Museum

2/3 hours
Walking Tour of the City of London,
Tower of London, Roman Wall, All Hallows by the Tower, Modern Architecture in the City, World War 1 and 2 ,Metals Exchange, Leadenhall Market, Harry Potter, Lloyds of London, Bank of England, Monument to the fire of London, Thomas a Beckett, Bow Bells, Stock Exchange, St Pauls Cathedral. 2 hours.

Portobello and Camden Markets

half a day
Portobello and Camden Markets,
A visit to these two iconic London Markets with the varied and exciting and diverse history of these very popular retro, modern and dance,antique, junk, grungy and other fashions. Great food to try at both. Also restaurants, pubs and a micro gin distillery in Notting Hill. half a day.

St Paul's Cathedral

2/3 hours
National Gallery and British Museum,
A highlights tour of these treasures of British museums and Galleries.
National Gallery Wilton Diptych, Arnolfini Portrait, Venus and Mars, Virgin of the Rocks, Ambassadors, Samson and Delilah, Rokeby Venus, Fighting Temeraire, Haywain, Madame de Pompadour, Van Gogh Sunflowers. Just a selection.
British Museum Rosetta Stone, Winged Bulls, Lion Hunt, Parthenon Marbles, Lewis Chessmen, Sutton Hoo, Roman Silver, Celtic Torcs, Ginger and the Egyptian Mummie Galleries. Just a selection. 2/3 hours