Konrad was terrific. Katherine Larson
Katherine Larson
Super funny and very knowledgeable, the kids loved him. Doreen Pauley
Doreen Pauley
Awesome! Very knowledgeable , engaging to listen to, and he scored us front row for the Changing of the Guard. Darika Anestos.
Darika Anestos
Best tour guide I’ve had on a EF tour. Sylvia Asay
Sylvia Asay
Konrad was very knowledgeable, answered questions made jokes and really made this tour an enjoyable one, my kids loved his tour. Catherine Kammer
Catherine Kammer
Konrad was very enjoyable and it was great to interact with him. Great information, and still felt like we were having a nice chat with a friend. Evans Reiko.
Evans Reiko
Konrad is one of best local guides I’ve been with for a tour, he is very knowledgeable, personable and approchable. Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt
Konrad captivated the group with his stories. His love of history was obvious. Jill Jay
Jill Jay
He was exceptional , we really enjoyed the tour. Stephanie Rossi
Stephanie Rossi